The Enchanted Badger
335 Elmira Road | Ithaca, NY 14850 | 607.319.0139

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The Enchanted Badger

Ithaca's Friendly Local Game Shop

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The Enchanted Badger

Ithaca’s Friendly Local Game Store, conveniently located just past the bend on Route 13!

We offer not only a wide selection of designer board games and geeky merchandise, but also provide a place to gather and play, with comfy seating for up to thirty-two gamers. The available board games include educational games for children two and up, hilarious party games suitable for any level of gamer, and complicated Euro games sure to work hitherto unappreciated corners of your brain.

The Enchanted Badger's founders, Stacia & Sean Humby, became smitten from opposite sides of a chess board, and the love of games was pushed to what can be only described as a borderline addiction upon playing their first game of Puerto Rico. The only reasonable next step was to create a place where their passion could flourish full-time and be spread to others. Check out Sean and Stacia's personal collection!

Dropping Some Knowledge

The Enchanted Badger is a piece from Shogi, Japanese Chess, that we've always felt had a lovely ring to it. It stuck with us over the years, and we hope we'll stick with you, too.